Heavy Capacity

Heavy Capacity

The following is just a sample of the many heavy capacity options we provide. Click on the images for more information or please contact us.

Tank Scales

Tank Scales - Heavy Capacity

We specialize in Tank Scales Systems for process control, automated bulk drafting, blending applications, load out stations and tank farms.

Truck Scales

Truck Scales - Heavy Capacity

There are different sizes and types of truck scales for a variety of applications. To assure that you purchase the correct truck scale for your project, contact us for assistance and an on-site evaluation.

Track Scales

Track Scales - Heavy Capacity

We provide both "Legal for Trade" and "Non-Legal for Trade" railroad track scale systems. Railroad track scales are designed with different types and configurations. Consult with us to select the correct railroad track scale for your application.

Crane Scales

Crane Scales - Heavy Capacity

Sales, service, rental and certification of Crane Scales