Truck Scales

Truck Scales

The following is just a sample of the many truck scale products we provide. Please contact us for additional information.

Truck Scales

Flat Top

Flat Top - Truck Scales

The flat top scale provides a low-profile design with self contained modules for easy installation and future expansion. Ideal for above ground and shallow pit installations and available with steel or concrete decks to match any length and width requirements. Heavy duty construction for dependable and accurate long term opertaion, NTEP certified.

Pit Type

Pit Type - Truck Scales

Pit mounting provides easy access to all scale components and eliminates any problems for inexperienced drivers in pulling on and off the scale. Available in many lengths and capacities. NTEP legal-for-trade.

Hytronic Type

Hytronic Type - Truck Scales

Hytronic technology combines the most advanced hydrostatic and electronic weighing technologies known today. The Hydrostatic load cells used in truck scales come with a lifetime guarantee not to fail due to the effects of water, flooding, lightning, welding currents, stray voltages, RFI/EMI, or rodents.

Portable Type

Portable Type - Truck Scales

This truck scale is a more compact steel deck design engineered for portability and movement from job to job.