Railroad Track Scales

Railroad Track Scales

The following is just a sample of the many railroad track scale products we provide. Please contact us for additional information.

Rail scales are used in NTEP and non-NTEP applications. Weigh bridges are designed to create a rugged accurate heavy duty weighing system. Used in static or weigh-in-motion weighing operations, either in a pit type or above ground design. Legal for Trade weighing and meeting AREMA and Cooper E-80 design specifications.

Pit Type

Pit Type - Railroad Track ScalesThis weighbridge design mounts in a shallow or deep pit. The railroad scale is stabilized laterally with checkrods and other specially designed restraints. This unique weighbridge design prevents lateral forces, caused from rail traffic going on and off the platform, from being transmitted to the load cells. NTEP Legal for Trade. This pit type railroad track scale is capable of weighing a variety of car sizes. Cars can be positioned anywhere on the scale. A wide range of platform sizes and capacities provide accurate weighments.

Low-Profile, Pitless Type

Low-Profile, Pitless Type - Railroad Track ScalesUsed in static or weigh-in-motion weighing operations, the low-profile design railroad track scale excel in high-accuracy, Legal for Trade weighing and meet AREMA and Cooper E-80 design specifications. The low-profile, pitless modular railroad track scale provides both full-draft and two-draft weighing.

In-Motion Weighing

In-Motion Weighing - Railroad Track Scales

In-motion weighing is the most time efficient and cost effective method of obtaining railcar weights. This type of system allows a railcar to be weighed as it rolls over the scale and can be accomplished as part of your normal car handling operations. With a properly located scale, this typically results in the ability to obtain railcar weights without any additional time or effort.